Our Story

The Devris family

As a family one of the things that we love to do is sit down and look through our family photo albums. As our girls turn the pages, we get to relive the special life moments of our wedding and honeymoon, moving into our first home and birthday celebrations and at the same time our girls learn all about their family history and legacy.

Although photos are beautiful and powerful, so often they cannot fully capture the memories of those special life moments. Sometimes our girls ask endless questions about things that aren’t captured in the photos such as where did this happen, how old were you, where was I, who else was there, what else happened. Sometimes we can provide the answers, but sometimes we can’t because over time we have forgotten the rich details from these moments.

We came to realise that the richness and fullness of these special life moments rests not just in photos but in words. There is something about the written word that is so powerful in evoking the fullness and richness of these memories.

After our children were born, with this in mind we began writing letters to them on their birthdays telling them all about the amazing family memories we had shared that year and so they can keep these letters and read them when they are older.

It was from here that Divine Moments was created. Every family has special life moments that should be ‘celebrated’ in the moment and ‘captured’ as a memory for the years to come.

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